Best baby toys for 8 months


I have been asked the question below and I have reviewed best baby toys and games for a baby of 8 months.

If you also have nice tips for an 8 month old baby for learning to play, I like to hear that. I think that toys are sometimes expensive. Making something yourself or cheap is of course ideal. Sometimes I get the best out of ideas.

This made me very happy, this is exactly why I started blogging. Great that you all read the trouble to read my blog. And even ask me for tips. So here are some suggestions for games and toys for a baby of 8 to 12 months. This way you can stimulate your child and continue to challenge them to discover the world around them.

Review best baby toys and games for 8 months

Learn while playing

When it comes to playing learning, I very much agree with this quote; “By playing children learn about themselves and others, about how things work and about the world around them. And every playing experience is a good preparation for school. “- Carol Nagode.

For babies, all the game is still learning, whether it is motor, itself or socially emotional; every game is a learning experience. This takes place on the basis of a trial and error basis; in other words, by doing, making mistakes and learning again. This process alone is a learning experience in itself! It is important to give your baby the chance to make ‘mistakes’.

With cubes you can do more than just stack, let your baby discover for yourself and try to respond to it. Without being ‘corrected’ right away.

Development 8 months

The development of each child is different. So you can not draw a level here. At this age the last months of baby break. Just before you know it you have to run behind your toddler, really!

  • From a motor point of view, your baby can probably sit on his own, and roll, maybe even crawl or stand with help. You can stimulate this with toys that move. A hard surface such as a rug on the floor can also help.
  • Your baby begins to recognize and point out things. Respond to this by naming it.
  • Maybe your baby can already play a bit independently, or start with that. However, limit the amount of toys that you offer, because then your baby will lose the overview. Guided play where you follow the baby in his game is also important.
  • At this age your baby starts to make connections (so-called leap of relationships). Games or material that provoke a reaction will therefore be popular.
  • The first words can already be a fact and it will begin to understand ‘no’. However, try to vary with no, before you know it your child will use this against you.
  • Depression anxiety can also play a role at the moment, here too you can play a game to learn that something or someone can come back again.
  • The senses are also practiced, and the mouth is one of the senses on which your child learns a lot. So a lot of toys can end up in the mouth. Make sure that there are no sharp points, or small pieces.

So much for the pedagogue in me. Now I convert the cap from mommy and ‘experience expert’. Below are a few tips, I have mainly tried not to use the most obvious games or toys, such as a walking cart to stimulate walking, because that is probably already known.

Games baby 8 months

  1. Peek a boo; Peekaboo can be played in different ways. Of course the classic hands in front of your face and then calling peek-a-boo, but also with materials under a cloth, a (transparent) cloth that they can put on their heads and pull off or a pinch hug behind a cloth that you can conjure up.
  2. Make music; Everything that produces sound is appreciated. A plastic cup with spoon with which you slosh. With a stick on an empty bucket. An old school bell that you have lying somewhere.
  3. Cycling / walking and naming everything; Just go outside, out into the wide world. Both on the way there is plenty to see (and of course appoint), so you do not necessarily have to have a destination. Be surprised by the environment, for example mushrooms you see somewhere, ducklings in the pond etc.
  4. Imitate; Babies absolutely love mirrors. Especially when you are there and start pulling crazy faces. After a few times your baby will try to imitate this. The same also applies to sounds and movements. Of course you can also turn the roles around! Another baby can of course also be imitated. Immediately very cozy for you!
  5. Light and sound; Many toys nowadays all have lights and music. Here you can also use home, garden and kitchen items. For example, consider the light button in the toilet, the elevator button at Grandma, your flashlight, a remote control that is no longer used or just the doorbell.

Toy baby 8 months

  1. Ball ; A big or small ball, (of course not so small that they can be put in the mouth), lots of balls or just a few that does not matter. Babies are very fascinated by this. With a ball you can play more games than rolling back and forth. For example, consider the peek-a-boo game. With a large ball let your baby sit on it and then roll gently. The size of balls baths in bath etc. Balls can stimulate crawling and gross motor skills, but also the action / reaction feeling. You also have a kind of baby roll where your child can roll up.
  2. Discovery bottles ; You can easily make this toy yourself, just collect a few empty bottles and fill them with different materials. Think of rice with satépicks, oil and water, water and figurines made of foam, glitter, mini balls and bubbles. You can not think of it so crazy. In addition to being fascinated by staring, they can also roll with it. As they get older, they only find it more fun.
  3. Duplo primo ; I have written about this before. Unfortunately it is no longer sold in the store so you will have to look for a thrift store or market place. Especially things that move like the caterpillar and cars, blocks that can rattle and the ball are interesting for young babies. As they grow older they can also start stacking. And they really like the dolls.
  4. Booklets ; This was the favorite toy of baby girl, it did not matter what kind of booklet (especially knisper and bath books) but they were not to be dragged. Cozy with a rug on the floor (in the winter there would be an extra rug underneath, because there is a lot of cold coming into the house through the floor) and lying there with your child. You do not have to read right away, just letting it look is sufficient. You do not have to stock, as a baby you get a free annual subscription and the bookstart case.
  5. Activity board; This is for example from Woezel and Pip or Miffy, but a handy dad or mama can also make this yourself. As a basis you need a wooden plate (of course splinter-free), on this you can stick different materials, eg smooth leather, a piece of rubber, a kind of rough sandpaper, silver foil etc. Or various ‘games’ like a thread with beads, buttons, a fabric flower, etc. You can also make an activity-rug of course.
  6. molded oven ; maybe a little too early now. But your child can already get acquainted with this.
  7. Material ; empty trays, boxes, toilet rolls, does not matter. For your baby, fantasy is still the limit. For example, create his own treasure chest by filling a box with all kinds of materials that your baby can use to amuse himself. Think of a handkerchief, ladle, toothbrush etc.

Hope you can find best toys for your baby. 


Best baby toys for 0 to 3 months old

Find out best baby toys and game ideas for your babies. Babies like to play. Not only because of the game itself, but also because of the contact with the parent. Playing is a way for them to discover and understand the world around them. That is why you will often see that certain rhythms can be repeated endlessly. Until it is their own, and they look up a new pattern.

Learn which best baby toys your kids will enjoy most
Find best baby toys at age of 3 months.

General tips:

  • If you want to play, take the time for this. Babies do a lot of feeling and have it immediately if you are in a hurry.
  • Try to follow instead of directing / steering; offers something and see how your baby picks up that game.
  • Every baby develops at its own pace, your neighbor’s child that is a month younger can do things that your own baby can not yet. Have patience. It will come naturally.
  • Try to “read” your baby. Spoken language is barely present, but with his mimicry, arms and feet your baby can make quite clear.
  • Provide a quiet environment so that your baby can have all the attention for the game, toys and you.

Recommended best baby toys for your kids

Nuby Icybite Hard/Soft Teething Keys
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Skills developed: Motor skills

Nuby Icybite Hard/Soft Teething Keys are well-designed for assisting in the eruption of the middle, front, and back teeth.

1. The teether is made perfect with the multi-surface teething.
Little hands can easily grip the teether that helps with coordination.

2. The BPA-free toy offers exercise for the little hands, teeth, and gums.

3. The Nuby teether has areas filled with pûrICE. The cool resilient surface is designed to soothe and stimulate sore gums safely. It can stay colder, longer than water filled teether!
VTech Baby Talk and Go Farm Rattle
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Skills developed: cognitive skills, sensory development

VTech Baby Talk and Go Farm Rattle is a perfect interactive toy that introduces animals and colors to the baby through a funny peek-a-boo game.

The motion sensor in the toy activates melodies and sound effects.

The flashing lights of the car seat toy attract baby’s attention and encourage interaction.

1. Three farm buttons play animal sounds and short tunes, while three dangling pieces introduce animal names as well as colors.

2. The baby can enjoy more than 40 sing-along songs, fun phrases, and melodies. The take-along fun toy has easy grab handle.

3. By flipping the three dangling animal pieces, the baby develops motor skills.

4. Auditory stimulation helps develop and stimulate the little one’s senses, discriminate sounds, fun sound effects, sing-along songs, relaxing or exciting voices.
VTech Baby Happy Lights Bear Play
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Skills developed: Auditory stimulation, cognitive skills

The Happy Lights Bear engages your little one and adds fun to the baby’s play time.

1. The safe and soft fabric are great for babies, and the electronic soothing toy promotes auditory stimulation for babies.

2. The toy offers more than 35 sing-along songs, sound effects, melodies, and fun phrases.

3. Chunky light up buttons flash along with the music. The toy introduces early emotions and 123’s.

4. It makes a great diaper bag toy, which can even be attached to a stroller or the crib.

Playing with senses

In the first three months, babies discover a lot with their senses. This is their link with the world around them. They discover what they see, hear, smell and feel. Tasting will follow later. As a newborn baby, vision is limited to 20 cm, the distance from chest to head of the mother. Toys with a high contrast; black / white with bright primary colors is therefore preferable. On the basis of the smell, babies recognize their parents, and they feel familiar.

The audience also develops, they will be frightened by loud unexpected sounds and a monotonous sound like a sea or vacuum cleaner can be very relaxing. Ideal if your baby is difficult to fall asleep. Feeling babies with their whole body. They like to be picked up and cuddled. On this contact is baby massage based. In the beginning, life will mainly focus on being fed and sleeping, if they go in the three months, they can build a relationship with people who see them a lot and respond to them.

10 Game ideas

Nice to know how a baby develops, but what can you actually do with a baby? Except cuddling them or leaving them in the box?

  1. Water fun ; babies find it very nice to lie in the water. From three months they can go baby swimming. For this they often find it nice to go along in the shower or in the bath. It reminds them of the time they spent in the womb. Before you take a bath, it is best to preheat the bathroom and bedroom and prepare everything. This is how your baby catches the cold the least quickly.
  2. Gossip ; your baby likes it when you try to contact him. They will soon try to flip your face. If you sit down with your legs in 90 degrees on the floor, and put your baby on your legs, you can build up a good eye contact. Try different pitches to see what your baby responds to. Or imitate his cries and sounds. Or do a crazy pelvic contest, draw different grimaces that your baby will then flip.
  3. Mobile ; everything that moves is interesting. Especially lights and sound. Try to limit this so that your baby does not get too many stimuli. There are special music mobiles with short cheerful day music and some slower longer night songs. Often based on classical music. Also with built-in light projector.
  4. Baby massage ; If you put the baby in bed on a towel, and you sit down in a cross-legged pose, you can massage it easily (on the changing table also works). Carefully pass his body parts and massage it one by one, quietly with one or a few fingers. When your baby gets older you can exercise a little more pressure. Now it is mainly about touching. Consider, for example, a kind of circular movement on his stomach, or caressing the feet and ‘popping’ the fingers. There are special Shantala baby massage courses that bring you the first tricks in three mornings.
  5. Tummy time ; nothing but time spent on the belly. Good to exercise the muscles in the neck and to prevent a preferred posture. For example, place your baby on a table and sit at eye level. Try to make contact with your baby so that he will lift his head to see you. This does not have to be ten minutes, but it builds up, for example, ten times a day for a minute.
  6. Mirror ; babies like to look in a mirror. For example, hold him in front of the mirror in the bedroom. Or buy a child-proof mirror at Ikea that you can hang in the box.
  7. Playing independently ; babies can do more than you think. Encourage your baby to spend time in the box yourself. If only with looking around and listening. This will save you a lot of energy later on.
  8. Jitter games ; Who knows the rhyme “Is a mouse running, so in … neck crawled” is not it? If you repeat this a number of times, most babies will break out of laughter.
  9. Sound and music ; music and sounds, which they have already heard in the womb, like the tune of your favorite TV program, they will calmly tune. Or how about ocean sounds; that mimic the sounds of the uterus. Youtube is full of it.
  10. Wear ; previously I wrote that I am a long carrier. From the moment they are babies I love to carry them so close to me when we go out. And on restless days indoors. Cozy close together.

In short, also for very young babies it is possible to build a bond with your baby through play. Try to build this in a safe and secure way. Many of the games are based on hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling the senses. That which is repeated will quickly feel as familiar and thus be recognized.

We would like to hear your stories what are the favorite games and best toys for your kids ?

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