Best Toys and Gift ideas for boys aged 4 years

For babies you often get toys from the maternity visit or perhaps you have already bought something during pregnancy. Such as a music mobile, a play mat, some hugs, a ball, etc. That changes into the toddler age for which it is also quite clear what the offer is. Or safe, like toys without small parts. However, as soon as they have reached the age of three, that becomes a bit more of a challenge. They ‘may’ now have more toys but often need guidance there. They are really between two phases; too big for the baby / dreumesspul and too young for the toddler toys. 

In addition to age, sex often plays a role. Even if you do not emphasize and offer your children both dolls and cars, you notice that they still have a specific preference at a given moment. For girls’ toys, pink, dolls and barbies or role-playing toys such as a kitchen are very popular.But for boys … yes cars. But beyond? Ideal for the wish list as toys and gift ideas for boys of 4 years.

That’s why I went looking for the best toys for toddler boys. There is a lot of toys for sale; in the toy store you look your eyes out. You quickly lose the overview. That is why I always like to see, from other parents or when I was still working in childcare, what was really popular and did not break down quickly or something.

Lego Duplo

Duplo is always good; the large pieces are also suitable for toddlers and they will continue to play for a long time. Experimenting and discovering a little bit in the beginning. At the age of three they will also make real buildings or start to play a kind of role play. So my son suddenly sat on a Duplo toilet, because he had to ‘pee’.

If you want to score points with your child, you buy a Duplot train. Then he has one Duplo and one train. That always provides hours of fun! When they are older they can continue with Lego.

Magformers (or smartmax)

Toy with magnets also scores extremely well. This too is a form of construction toy that allows them to entertain themselves for hours. From laying flat figures on the ground, up to and including complete structures and turrets. Since he has discovered this, I have come across the squares of the magformers everywhere. The basic set consists of squares and triangles in bright colors. But can be expanded with various other sets and parts such as wheels, pictures etc. You can even make your own robot! The smartmax with rods and balls are recommended if they are just a bit younger.

You can find the various sets of magformers  and smartmax from online stores .

Balance bike

A balance bike is good for the development of your child. It stimulates balance because you ride on two wheels (no tricycle) and often it moves easily. Important when selecting a balance bike is that it is not too high. Often they do not dare anymore because they want to have that feeling of control. Pedal bikes are available in all shapes and sizes, from plastic fake scooters to wood or metal walking bikes from famous children’s bicycle brands.

Cardboard boxes

This should certainly not be missing in this overview. Actually this is an alltime favorite; children of all ages (and both boys and girls) love a cardboard box. To hide stuff, to crawl in, to use as a boat or plane, or even to try as a slide.

Wooden train track

This is by far the biggest favorite. A wooden train track; there are many brands that sell this and fortunately almost everything fits together. Very handy. With that you can endlessly expand your collection. Also with bridges, hills, car tracks or even garages and police stations.

Totum Construxions

The material of Construxions is meant to be built. The nice and fun of this kit is that it consists of all kinds of different materials: wooden blocks with holes in various sizes, plastic rods that fit in the holes, wheels (round blocks with holes), strips with holes and plastic foil with holes in different shapes, plus a hammer. The materials can be combined almost endlessly into all kinds of “objects”. Nominated for toys of the year 2016.


This was the toy that scored very high at the daycare center for toddlers; a mega-container full of clics. With that, several children could play together at the same time. We now also have a bin with clics. However, this one is behind the tray with magformers so they do not see it and therefore not very popular. But I am sure that if I would prepare it once on the table, they would completely let go. And otherwise I do, because secretly I think this is also very nice toys.

In addition to Clics, they now have a new variant nowadays; that is called plus plus and is for sale in two sizes and also really great toys.

(Foam) clay

Just play a bit with clay; a color is more than enough. Try experimenting with a knife or skewer or try to make molds out of it. Sometimes it also seems when he indicates what it should represent.

Play sand

In addition to clay, play sand also scores very well. Outside in the sandbox, but also indoor play sand that sticks together and has more of clay. And everything in between like kinetic sand. The structure of the sand alone continues to amaze.


Besides Duplo, Playmobil is also highly recommended. For example, you have Playmobil 1, 2, 3 that is suitable for younger children and does not contain too small parts. From this he now has a small collection because it was in his Advent calendar. Santa and angel are attending, but the farm is still fun to play with. From grandmother he got a huge zoo with an extensive collection of animals for his birthday. The small parts such as cash registers, flowers etc. we have put separately. Besides trains he loves animals and every time he sees his grandmother he asks for the zoo. They also play with it for hours.

Jigsaw puzzles

We have not made a puzzle box for his room for nothing. He loves to make puzzles. He thought it was terrible for a long time. And suddenly he made puzzles that I had something like what this is. He can even make puzzles with 56 pieces. That is why he is really super concentrated and will keep on trying.


If they are three years old and the concentration arc increases, you can also play games with them. For example, the memorial, but also the musical chairs of Miffy or Woezel and Pip hide and seek are very popular.

Outdoor toys

Of course they must also be able to lose their energy and outdoor toys are very suitable for this. Think for example of one;

  • slide
  • swing (even if they do not dare to sit)
  • ball
  • trampoline
  • bake with earth

An experience!

Finally, I recently came across a blog from someone who wrote about how she would like to give presentations as a gift. That is of course also super, for example a ticket / subscription for an (indoor) play paradise , amusement park , the theater , a baby swim card or zoo. Totally super that last year we received an invitation for a second birthday in which they asked not to give toys, but money for the piggy bank or for example a big cardboard box. I have a weakness for homemade things, whether it is a blanket, plaything or poncho. My in-laws will give them a small gift and money for her savings account, which will be released when she is 18. If she goes to study by then she can use the money hard enough. What I prefer not to put on her wish list is clothing, even if she grows slightly less quickly, this is very time-bound.

Tips for packing presents

We have mainly given the guests that it is not about the gift itself. At this age they are quickly overwhelmed by what they get. But especially to pay attention to how, so easy tear packing with lots of loose ribbons etc. Another three tips for the first birthday.

  1. Put symbolic items for the birthday party on the table. For example a book as a symbol of knowledge, a basketball for sportsmanship or a brush for creativity. The object that takes the child first would be predictive of his future.
  2. Ask all guests to bring something that has to do with the past year. Put everything in a time capsule and give it to the child when it becomes 16, 18 or 21.
  3. Have all guests write their name and a birthday wish or memory on a white tablecloth with water-resistant ink and keep it for later.



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